Michael Bociurkiw


I’m Michael Bociurkiw. I’m a writer, global affairs analyst, speaker and humanitarian.


Welcome to my website! I am a global affairs analyst, speaker and journalist in both print and live media. I've been part of the frontline teams at many international humanitarian organizations.

I help organizations tell their stories, deal with crisis communications and improve their media relations savviness. A favourite pastime is lecturing on journalism and training young journalists on ethics, fake news and crisis reporting.

Currently my passion is investigating human being's relationship with technology, especially smartphones.

With over two decades of experience in humanitarian work and international journalism, I am a frequent commentator on BBC World, CNN, CTV, CBC and Al Jazeera. My commentaries on global affairs, humanitarian issues and technology are published regularly on CNN Opinion and the Huffington Post. 

I love delivering impactful talks. You may have seen me at the Halifax International Security Forum, the World Communications Forum in Istanbul and Geneva, the Oxford University Alumni conference in Vienna, the Atlantic Council (Washington, DC) and London’s Frontline Club regional series. In March 2016 I moderated the pitch stage at the SXSW Festival in Austin. 

By now I've delivered two TEDx talks: evangelizing about collaboration at TEDxUW in Canada and sharing advice on how to make the best choices in life at TEDxCoE Natolin in Poland.

I am available to speak on global affairs, diplomacy, disasters, humanitarian issues, migration, technology and the Ukraine crisis/Black Sea region politics.